With over a decade in the business – We KNOW what needs to be done to maximize the value of your vehicle. CARSTOC specializes in getting you the absolute most money for your car – whether you are selling it on your own, or you plan on trading it in at a dealership.

Think about this…IF NADA Retail is $20,000, and the Wholesale (Trade-in) Value is $15,000…Where does that $5,000 go? It seems a little excessive to ask for a 33% margin for profit. On top of our guarantee, we offer FREE drop-off and pick-up services as well. There’s no risk, so call or text today.

Trading Your Car? That is where we come in. If you are looking to get thousands more for your trade than “Trade Value”, you need to speak with us right away. We can get your vehicle ready for the trade evaluation, guaranteeing it will not only pay for itself, but put substantial money in your pocket.

Selling Your Car? If you have more time, we recommend consigning your vehicle on our lot. We will give it an amazing detail, micro-advertise to get the word out to the right people that your SPECIFIC vehicle is for sale, and get you up to $4,000 or MORE for your car than if you traded or sold it outright. We also eliminate the time wasting, negotiating, and safety issues that come with trying to sell on Craigslist.