Sell Your Car or Trade

We Can Get You Up to $3,000+ More for Your Vehicle

We have two ways in which we can get you more for your trade than if try to sell the vehicle yourself or trade it into a dealership.

1. Consign your vehicle with us! On a $20,000 vehicle, you might be looking at a $5,000 difference between wholesale value and retail value when it comes to your car’s book value. Selling that right in the middle would net you $2,500 more!

2. Boost your trade value at CARSTOC. As somebody who evaluated vehicles for years, I can tell you first hand that if a freshly detailed vehicle comes in, it could be worth as much as $2,000 more! This is possible because we know all the key points that will be looked at when a dealer does a trade evaluation.

We Make Sure Your Vehicle is Lot Ready

As part of the consignment process, we will detail your vehicle and make sure it is showroom shiny in order to increase its value. We remove light to moderate scratches and swirl marks, and leave your vehicle shiny just like it was when it was new. We also clean the interior to remove stains, freshen up the carpet, and make sure all the plastic and vinyl are taken care of!

We Take Care of the Advertising

After we detail the vehicle, we take plenty of pictures to highlight all the awesome features of your car. We then make sure to get a good story written about it, and put it up on many different sites, as well as share it with social media.

We Deal With the Potential Buyers

This is a big one for just about everybody who is thinking of selling a vehicle on their own. When you do that, you have to field calls and emails from strangers, many of whom may be just wasting your time. You then have to take a decent risk by meeting people who you don’t know, who may want to go on a test drive. Who knows if they have somebody stopping by while you are riding with them!

We Help the Buyer

CARSTOC offers the same financing options you find at banks or in dealerships, so you won’t be having to hold the vehicle until the buyer can apply for a loan, fill out paperwork at a bank, hopefully get approved, and come back with a check. We also offer Vehicle Service Contracts to keep their mind at peace when it comes to buying a used vehicle.

YES, I'd Like Somebody to Contact Me With More Details

If you have any unanswered questions, we’d be more than happy to answer them! Otherwise, if you want to earn thousands more for your car, you can inquire about Consigning OR Detailing at CARSTOC by clicking the button below.