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Silver Package - $199

Our Second-Most Popular Detail Package - Choose Between Steam Cleaning of Interior or Clay Bar and Sealant

Exterior - $150

  • Gentle Two-Bucket Wash and Hand Dry
  • De-Grease Wheels to Get Rid of Brake Dust, Water Spots, and Other Contaminates
  • Tires – Clean and Apply a High-Gloss shine
  • Windows – Heavy Scrubbing with High Quality Cleaner
  • Basic Windshield Sealant – Rain-X to Improve Visibility in Inclement Conditions
  • Hand Polish – Remove or Reduce Light Scratches and Swirls
  • High Quality Hand Wax – Protect Your Vehicle and Bring Out the Shine
  • ***Option for Clay Bar / Sealant – For Glass-Like Finish, Acid Rain, Water Spots, and More

Interior - $75

  • Vacuum Carpet, Seats, Trunk
  • Windows
  • Wipe Down Seats, Plastics, Vinyl, and Screens
  • ***Option for Steam Cleaning of Carpet –  Using a Steam Cleaner and Shampoo Allows for Deep Cleaning Without Needing to Soak the Seats or Carpet.  Spot-Treat Stubborn Stains.